Gold Round Security Self Adhesive Hologram Sticker Labels

  • Product Item: YH-H-009
  • Category: Custom sticker labels / anti fake labels.
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  • MOQ:10000pcs
  • Size:2.5cm round or customized
  • Brand: YH
  • color:Silver,gold,pink,red.blue etc...
  • Materials: One time use or long time use
  • Artwork: Ai or CDR
  • Usage: strengthen your brand or protect your goods opened
  • Product Manual:strengthen your brand or protect your goods opened

                              Hologram Label/Sticker




    1.PET,permanent adhesive or tamper proof material

    2.colors for choose,such as gold,silver,red,etc

    3.Fragile paper, permanent, one off, VOID

    4.Full temper-evident or partial transfer





    4D,2D/3D,Dot-marix,3D Dot-maris,3D,2D,True Color, Moire Hidden text,Micron text,Optical Lens,Guilloche Lines,Multi channel,ect




    In roll or in sheet

    Material color

    Transparent or silver, gold, blue, red, green, etc


    Customized: square, circle, oval etc



    Free sample with our logo. If you need your design, need to pay for sample fee.

    Product time

    7-10 days for sample,7-10 days for mass production.




    DHL, FEDEX, UPS, ect. By sea or by air


    Carton, special packing according to requirement


    1. Different patterns come out when watching from different angles.

    2. Hologram produces true color like rainbow.

    3. Various designs, shapes, color, sizes are all available to customize.

    4. Environmentally friendly in material and printing ink.

    5. Our products are highly difficult anti-counterfeiting products, they are in high quality and upscale vision.

    The advantages of holographic technology:

    1. Holography produces 2D/3D laser effect with vivid patterns including logo, figures or animation etc.

    2. Hologram labels actually are almost impossible to be counterfeited and unique for the brand.

    3. Hologram labels can be a trademark as well. Any industries can use the hologram labels to strengthen their brand image in the market.




    1. 3D hologram sticker: true color three-dimensional anti-counterfeiting holographic label. Holographic images are in rainbow and perspective with different viewing angles. You can even have a totally different image seen from a different perspective. The stereoscopic effect is very significant.

    2. Hologram tamper evident sticker: the sticker can be scratched off, it will reveal some texts or codes underneath, the content can be specified.

    3. One-off laser anti-counterfeiting sticker: the sticker can not be re-used, it will be damaged when it is torn off.

    4. Permanent laser anti-counterfeiting sticker: the sticker could be reusable; the image will not be damaged when sticker tore off.

    5. Laser tamper evident tape: tamper evident tapes are widely used in package. If someone peels off the tape, the specified words, codes or images under the label can be revealed on the surface of thepackaged goods so as to anti-counterfeit and indicate that the package is opened.

    6. Fragile laser security sticker: this type of holograms is impossible to be removed undamaged. We can make hologram embossing on the surface of the labels and white paper can be used on the back side instead. (You see, nowadays, the conventional surface of this label is silver hologram and the back side is silver hologram as well.) Our special method in making fragile sticker can be conducive to the clean and tidy of the products and can not be counterfeited as well.

    7. All of the hologram labels can be printed with running numbers so as to facilitate the management and product tracking.

    8. The encryption technology can be inserted into the labels. The security content and pattern can not be seen on the surface, can only be checked by test chip. (We can insert the client’s exclusive handwritten text as the content into the labels as well.)

    1. Laser anti-counterfeiting labels
    2. Dot matrix hologram labels
    3. Roll labels
    4.Hang tag
    5.Self-adhesive sticker
    6.Tamper evident hologram     label
    7.Hot stamping foil
    8.Scratch-off label
    9. PVC/PC/PET sticker
    10.Gold/silver foil label
    11.Barcode sticker
    12.Fragile security label
    13.Multi-color 2D-3D holographic anti-counterfeiting labels
    14.Comprehensive anti-counterfeiting product
    15.Diffractive packaging film
    16.Anti-fake ID card
    17.Hologram Micro-text
    18.Rainbow hologram label
    19.VOID tamper evident sticker
    20.Transparent sticker
    21. One-off laser anti- counterfeiting sticker
    22. Safety line anti-counterfeiting
    23. Various of anti-counterfeiting packaging
    24. Document paper with water mark
    25. UV/temperature ink anti-fake label
    26. Heat sensitive anti-counterfeiting
    27.Honeycomb sticker
    28. Lottery card
    29.Printing sticker with code
    30. and so on
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